Why the Maverik Mimic is just what you are looking for!

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So you’ve read all the in’s and outs of what the Maverik Mimic, you went through my website and are interested, but you are still hesitant. Trust me I get it.

Are you asking yourself these questions? Do I want a stranger to come in and follow me around in my business? What is he going to see and will it be awkward?  What do I tell my employees? I think I already know what’s wrong so he’s just going to tell me what I already know! I hope he doesn’t find out anything bad!

The thing is most of us know that there is a problem but we are often stuck in analysis paralysis on how or what to change to make a difference. What the Maverik Mimic isn’t, is a list of just things that you are doing wrong and that you should be ashamed of with not actionable ways to make improvements. This process is one that I have developed over the years of running multi-million dollar businesses and having to make quick impacts that will last a long time and evolve into new habitual habits. It takes a while to turn a cruise ship but as a great excerpt from a book, I am currently reading “Atomic Habits” if a plane takes off from LA heading towards NYC and makes just a 3-degree marginal turn (almost less then 10” inches) it will land in Washington, DC!!! Crazy right? So what does this all mean? Small changes over time make a BIG difference you just have to make them habitual and follow up. That’s where I come in!

Back to the Maverik Mimic! Not only is this a great way to get feedback but it’s also not a commitment, it’s one-day of great interaction where I get to see you in your natural habitat. You have one day where I come in and review how the business id operating. After 7 days I hand over to you your very personalized Maverik Mastermind report that provides you with tangible steps that can help you get on the path. That’s it one day and a report on what you can do, if you like what you see and what the outcome was we could then move to create a customizable contract that will work best for whatever it is that you need.

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