What is a Maverik Mimic?

This is where the magic happens! An elevated approach to seeing you in real time. This is where Patrick comes and shadows you to gain the most knowledge of your business routine. This is how Maverik is able to insert itself into your business and processes to get to the root causes. No need for endless meetings and valuable time, you get to walk away with a tangible report identifying areas that need attention. Seeing you in your natural habitat allows Patrick the opportunity to uncover blind spots that could be the potential catalyst holding you back and hindering your business.

Patrick will first show up at the requested time, early am preferably. We recommend having him show up an hour before you start in on your day. Patrick spends the day (Up to 8 hours) analyzing and reviewing your business from the ground up . During this time he will evaluate and take notes on all the areas of opportunity that he sees while yourself and the team go through their daily routine.

This is Patrick’s specialty, and allows him to see what actually happens while you are busy at work. Like most business owners, you wear several different hats and it’s almost impossible to find time to catch every single bottleneck. He’s then able to ask questions that will make you pause and think…why do I do it that way? Could it be more efficient? Like most of his guests, it’s just the spark needed to ignite conversation about potential new approaches.

After the Mimic transpires the Maverik Mastermind report is created and delivered to you with notes on initiatives that you can implement immediately. This is a tangible take away report that helps identify how we get started with the next steps in elevating your business. This is why the Maverik Mimic is a great tool for any business or individual moving forward with solutions to any of their problems.

Whether you decide to dive into one of our coaching packages or navigate on your own terms the Mimic is something for every business. This is a tool that could very easily create a new foundation to build upon.

Your Maverik Mastermind report will be delivered 7 days after the Mimic

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