Our Story

Possessing a 6th sense to help businesses optimize their performance, Maverik Business Elevation was created to help entrepreneurs and business executives achieve the goals that they so audaciously set. After leaving Los Angeles, Patrick was compelled to start a business that was different then his past consulting company, one that vibrated higher. He wanted to create a movement that really dug in to the pain points that each business experiences. Patrick wanted tohelp them alleviate the problems that they are experiencing. At Maverik Business Elevation, we have a belief that rising tides raise all ships and that there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to accomplish their goals, personally and professionally.


Most ideas go dead or don’t even gain momentum and that’s where Maverik Business Elevation comes in. We help you align with your teams and streamline all of your business needs. This process covers all of your business and is so powerful that it starts to bleed your personal life and this is where the magic happens. Patrick has been elevating the people he comes in contact with for years and when you are amongst his presence, it is felt. As a clear sighted visionary Patrick can see the full picture from a 30,000 ft view and give your business clear direction for you and your business.

Success Stories